Pixelogic is a logic puzzle game where you use numerical clues to uncover a hidden picture.

An empty 5 by 5 nonogram grid with numeric clues on the top and left that reveals a hidden picture: a castle.

The numbers to the left and on the top of the grid represent the lengths of blocks of colored squares in that row or column. There is at least one blank square between each group of colored blocks.

Examples of numeric clues where there is only one possibility: "5", "2 2", and "1 1 1"

Sometimes a row or column will have only one possible combination of colored and empty squares given the numeric clues.

Examples of numeric clue where multiple possible solutions exist. The numeric clue "3" is shown for a row of length 5, with the three possible solution combinations.

Other times, multiple possible combinations exist. In this case, see if there are any colored squares in common among all the possibilities.

A 5 by 5 nonogram puzzle of a castle, where empty squares are marked with an X

You’ll also encounted squares that must be empty. Marking these squares is a helpful strategy to help find the colored squares.

Tool Switcher button toggling between Color Mode and Mark Mode

To mark a square as empty, tap the Tool Switcher to switch to Mark Mode, then tap the square you believe to be empty. There is no penalty for incorrectly marking a square as empty.

A 5 by 5 nonogram grid that is partially completed, with three error marks

If you attempt to color a square incorrectly, you'll receive an error mark, and one minute will be added to the game clock. The game ends if you accumulate three error marks.

A 5 by 5 nonogram grid with the solution shown: a castle.

Pixelogic puzzles should require no guessing, so carefully work through each row and column until the picture is complete!