A Pixelogic puzzle consists of a grid of tiles. Your goal is to reveal a hidden image by filling in the correct tiles.

Look at the numbers on the left and top of the grid. These numbers give you clues on how many tiles to fill in for each row or column.

For example, if a row has the numbers 2 and 2, that means there are two groups of filled tiles both with lengths 2, separated by at least one blank tile.

Use deduction to figure out which tiles are definitely filled in and which ones are definitely blank. If you want, you can use the "X tool" to mark which tiles are blank with a grey X.

Continue filling in the correct tiles until you reveal the hidden image. Be careful, if you fill in 5 tiles incorrectly it's Game Over.

Puzzle sizes range from 5 tiles across to 25 tiles across, depending on the amount of challenge you desire. For larger sizes, tapping will enlarge a section of the puzzle for easier tapping and visibility of clues.

Start with smaller puzzles (5 x 5) and work your way up to larger puzzles for a real challenge.