Welcome "Pixelogic Plus" users

If you were using the "Pixelogic Plus" app, then it should still be installed (you'll have both "Pixelogic Plus" and "Pixelogic"). All your stats are still in the old app. Unfortunately, the "Pixelogic" app cannot read the data from another app, so the stats don't carry over. You can continue to keep both apps installed side by side.

"Pixelogic Plus" (originally released as "Pixelogic HD") was released many years ago back when the App Store required separate versions for both iPad and iPhone apps. It was removed from the App Store 7+ years ago in favor of just having a single app (Pixelogic). The server that the old app downloaded puzzles from is going out of service, so I can no longer support it going forward.

Benefits of the new app:

As a thank you for being a long-time player, I'm offering 3 months free of "Pixelogic+", the subscription that unlocks all content.

To unlock, tap the button below:

Unlock offer

After you have redeemed the offer, tap 'Sync purchases' below to complete the unlock:

Sync purchases