Pixelogic 15th Anniversary

Version 5.7 is here! Celebrate Pixelogic's 15th Anniversary with exciting new features!

New Puzzle Pack: "Celebrating 15 Years"

Celebrating 15 Years puzzle pack tile

To celebrate Pixelogic's launch way back in June 2009, I've curated a special puzzle pack featuring one daily puzzle from each year since we launched. This "Celebrating 15 Years" pack is completely free and honors some of the top puzzle creators from our awesome community.

Classic Theme

Settings page showing default and classic theme options

Pixelogic has changed a lot over the years, including the most recent v5 redesign. For those who miss the old v4 design, I added a "Classic" theme in the "Theme & Color" section of settings.

Classic App Icons

4 classic icon options

As an added bonus, you can now change the Pixelogic app icon to one of the many classic icons from previous releases. Which one are you most nostalgic for?

Please note: The Classic theme and app icons are exclusive to Pixelogic+ subscribers.

Thank You!

Pixelogic is still going strong because of you, our amazing player and creator community. I am grateful to be part of your daily routine for over a decade and am excited about the years to come!

Thank you!