Version 5.6 contains improvements to Free Plays and adds new ways to play more Daily and Weekly puzzles.

Free Plays now unlock for longer

In addition to unlocking a puzzle to play (and replay) until the end of the day, Free Plays will now unlock a puzzle for at least 12 hours. This means that if you unlock a puzzle with a Free Play in the late evening, it will remain unlocked until the next morning, giving you more time to play.

More Ways to Play Daily & Weekly Puzzles

I've heard feedback that players want some non-subscription options to play more daily and weekly puzzles, so I've added two additional ways to play more:

Extra Plays

Extra Plays are used to play daily and weekly puzzles after the day's Free Plays have been used up. When a puzzle is unlocked with an Extra Play, just as with Free Plays, it is available to play (and replay) until the end of the day, or 12 hours, whichever is longer.

Unused Extra Plays carry over to the next day and are available to use again until depleated. More Extra Plays can be purchased when needed.

As a bonus, everyone gets 3 Extra Plays to start!

Past Year Packs

By popular demand, I'm bringing back the ability to purchase past year packs of Daily 15x15, Daily 20x20, or Weekly 25x25 puzzles. Navigate to a previous year and you should see an option to purchase unlimited plays of puzzles featured in a particular year of that type (i.e. 2022 Daily 20x20 puzzles, 2018 Weekly 25x25 puzzles, etc).

The Pixelogic+ subscription (at its new low price) is stil the best value for frequent players.