Daily Picross Picture Puzzles

Screenshot of Pixelogic puzzle screen on iPad
Screenshot of Pixelogic puzzle screen on iPhone

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  • New puzzle every day, new extra large puzzle every week
  • No ads. Play featured puzzles on the day they're featured & 100+ built-in puzzles for free
  • Unique zoom feature makes solving large puzzles on a small screen a breeze
  • Puzzle creator with solvability checker
  • Choose your play style: Challenge or Relaxed mode
  • Pixelogic+ unlocks 5,000+ puzzles, auto-assist, and dark mode
Animated example of solving a picross puzzle

Picture + Crosswords = Picross

Pixelogic is a fun and challenging puzzle game where you use logic to reveal a hidden picture made of colored cells. Like a mixture between sudoku and minesweeper, numeric hints are used to uncover a pixelated surprise.

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